Shree Bhadrakumari National Basic School is an English medium school established in 2045 B.S under the patronages of Late Bhadrakumari Poudel ,who provided land for school . The school is located in Bharatpur metropolitan city ward no, 5 Gulafbag. The school has been dedicated to the service of the people of Nepal specially of Chitwan district for the past 33 years and now near to the ‘Model School’ of Chitwan district among basic schools of Chitwan district. During this long span the school has risen up to be one of the most sought after governmental institutions in this district. Many have been toiling since its establishment to bring it up the present status.

The hardships and troubles during its cradle and wadding stages were undertaken by the pioneers like Late. Bhadrakumari Poudel, Late Bhakti Prasad Timalsena, respected Amir Subedi ,chairperson of Star Nepal, Dinesh Chandra Acharya and many other educational personalities. Respected Amir Subedi burns brightly in the minds of people here. All the credit goes to him for his unexpressable help and support to bring this school upto here in this position. His support deserves a garland of gratitude and appreciation for his sincere and selfless service which he has rendered for many years. To mention one of the important person Rajendra Prasad Chalise, an active energetic kind and helpful person who completed struggled very hard without saying day and night to bring the school in today’s position and introduced everything that are needed to create child fairly environment in the school premises. The school runs classes from Pre-Nursery to class six now. In the past the school was in the risk of merge due to the lack of students but now it has around 400 students to provide educational service and it’s the most important achievement for Bhadrakumari family. The school has introduced the extra-curricular Activities (Dance/Music/ Art) program in the school and focused on maintaining the  sound educational environment in the school premises.

The school aims the integral development of the personality of the every child to make him or her committed to the service of the nation, instilling him/her the spirit of compassion and unselfish service.  It instils the students the sense of duty, love of the fellowmen and thirst for wisdom and excellence. And respected Amir Subedi is always with us with his helpful hands through financial assistance  either to run school buses or to appreciate internal teachers as well as for those students who are marginalized and under previledged. All the teachers are appreciated and acknowledged who restlessly render their service to the completion of the motto of this school. Management of safe drinking water, well managed furnishing, dance/music/art classes, sufficient playing ground, computer lab, fully English environment, provision of lunch for students, facility of transport (one bus and three vans), child fairly environment, experienced energetic and dedicated teacher staffs, etc. are the salient features of this school. In fact, education is the propeller of development. An individual is the basic element of society; then comes the family and the collection of families makes society. Therefore, the impact on individuals  becomes an impact on the society too. Thus the society around this school has the vital role for the success of this school since its establishment. This school aims the transformation of the individuals who will later transform the society.

School and society are interrelated to each other.  Shree Bhadrakumari National Basis School is a purely service oriented governmental school. It has been providing different kinds of scholarships to a good number of students who belong to under previledged group for many years It also provides education materials, school uniforms etc.  The school takes every effort to the journey of the Best Basic Level School (1-8) in Chitwn district and after in the country. The school is always grateful for every personalities who are directly and indirectly connected to this school with their full support.